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Hamradio related project
This is some projects I have writted in past 8 years, some may have bug or incomplete but can be useful for collecting interesting function. Please add my credit to your project is you use some of my code.

All source code has been written using ScopeEdit 0.99d text editor but it gone now, you can download Interspector 2.17 to see it.

November 1994
My first packet project, a KISS TNC using Intel 8051, 32k ROM/RAM and TCM3105 for modem. The KISS protocol is compatible with KAM KPC-3. This project was used on F6FBB BBS in Rouyn-Noranda, Qc. Source code is in assembly and can be found here:

December 10, 1994
Full featured TNC-2 clone using MC68008 and 8530 chip. Shematic not available but source code in zip format is here. this 7 years old project is my first TNC project. I can email you assembler and C compiler if you want, It free of charge (GNU). TNC source code:

March 17, 1997
I have written a keyer with many option using a 8051 and C compiler. The pad use capacitive touch detection (no mechanic paddle) I don't remember if project is completed, take a look on it.

July 12, 1998
Repeater controller for RTQ network. The controller have tail and roger beep for VHF and control also a UHF radio for linking repeater to network. DTMF is used for command entry.

November 11, 2001
-=Active project in development=-
I have written complete TNC using PIC16F873, for this time the output of TNC on the serial port is ALAN protocol used to remote control repeater controller,  I/O, etc... In the source you can find receive/transmit function for UI packet. I have plan to modify this project for complete APRS rx/tx function, BeacoNet broadcasting or KISS protocol interface. Please email me if you have question about this project.

April 1st, 2002
-=Active project in development=-
I have writted PSK31 beacon for a friend, check this page for detail. PSK31 beacon based on a PIC16F872. I have plan to add VHF/HF packet transmitting using R-2R network(without TCM3105 or MX614) for APRS. Please email me if you have idea or if you want to contribute to my project.